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Advanced IP Camera Software
Designed For The Large-Scale Video Surveillance Systems
By Professionals for Professionals
Start Building Flexible.
Truly Unlimited Scalability
Build a video surveillance system of any size with the unlimited number of IP cameras, servers, and workstations
All-In-One Solution
No need to install any additional software for the large video system's needs. Inbuilt 32-monitor Video Wall, User access rights, Internal Chat with grid sharing, Alarm monitors, etc.
Versatile For Your Needs
Already integrated 130+ brands, 4000+ camera models, ONVIF and PSIA support. Open Platform nature allows integrating additional people and vehicle access control systems, fire/security alarm systems, student databases, perimeter security systems, intrusion systems, etc. 
Video Wall in Ultra Client
Start Building Functional.
Suspect tracking Intelligent module (video analytics) in ULTRA Video Management Software
Cost-Effective Computing Power Optimization
Optimize the use of central processors, reduce the computing power load, and minimize the costs with:
  1. Analytical technology of compressing video streams from IP cameras without full decoding.
  2. Partial processing of video streams on a graphics (video) card.
  3. Processing of H.264 video format by mobile and web clients, which does not require transcoding of the video stream into MJPEG format on a server.
Time-Effective Archive Searches
Get Big Data insights in a few clicks with intelligent video analysis technology. Find suspects in an archive within a minute. Track any suspects going through various cameras' field of view. Filter events in a Journal with the variety of parameters. Find out more
Increased Reliability
Ensure the safety of your data with inbuilt server backup and failover, plus duplication of drives options
Start Building Profitable.
No Hidden Costs
The simplest licensing for the Enterprise-level package: just get a ULTRA license per each channel you're using
All Video Analytics Already Included
With any single ULTRA license, you get the package of advanced video analytics included: PTZ camera control, Audio stream processing, Heat map, Loud sound detection, Abandoned object detection, Personnel monitoring, Suspect search, Suspect tracking, Smoke and fire detection, Sabotage detection, Crowd monitoring, Tracking, People counting, People counting in queue, Face detection, Fisheye dewarping; plus Point-of-Sale, License plate recognition, Face recognition available
Enjoyable Extras
Get lifetime upgrades, technical support, mobile applications for iOS, Android, WinPhone and so much more absolutely free of charge
Ultra Professional Video Management Software
"...ULTRA VMS offers a high degree of flexibility
and advanced operations in a simple-to-use package"
Ultra VMS is ‘Best Buy’ solution recommended by BENCHMARK MAGAZINE
‘Best Buy’ VMS in 2016
recommended by ‘Benchmark’

Benchmark’ is a monthly publication dedicated to driving innovation and smart solutions in the security industry
Macroscop is a global provider of an open-platform VMS with the strong intelligence of video analytics added.
Our company brings together leading distributors and installers to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to effectively provide advanced IP camera systems installations. By the moment, more than 17 000 video surveillance systems worldwide are based on Macroscop software solution. 
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